Our Team

Meet Aesthetic Athletics dedicated team.

Griffin, has dedicated his life to health and fitness.

His passion for fitness developed in his teen years and continued through college when he started his first personal training business.
Griffin holds multiple certifications in addition to a CrossFit Level 2 certification; however, he does not believe that his success is due to his certifications:
His success stems from his belief that workouts need to be custom tailored to individual needs. This is why Griffin creates all Aesthetic Athletics' fitness programming. He ensures that all our programming provides everyone with full body workout that does not overwork one muscle group or cause injury.
When he is not in the gym,
you can find him cruising around Downtown in a muscle car, hanging out with Ace Man in the park, or kicking back and watching a movie with Rayna. If it’s a weekend night, you will most likely find him with friends in Deep Ellum or Uptown.

Rayna, leads mobility sessions and teaches Yoga classes that are tailored to the needs of Aesthetic Athletes.

She believes that athletes needs a balanced workout regimen in order to meet their goals, whether they be mobility or strength related.
Her love for health and fitness stems from seeing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle later in life. She hopes to make fitness accessible to all, so that everyone can live their life to the fullest. In addition to her instructional duties, she uses her law and business acumen to manage all of our operational needs.
In her spare time,
Rayna enjoys cooking, spending time with friends and family and traveling. She loves to dance and laugh, so you may notice her dancing around the box.

Ace Man is our gym cheerleader/motivator/mascot/pet

He loves running, food, napping and... dog stuff generally. He is an avid cheerleader and great motivator.


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