About Us

CrossFit Aesthetics is about two things, strong community and exemplary programming.


We break away from the notion that working out is an isolating experience.

Our team and athletes will motivate you through challenging workouts and congratulate you when you make a new personal best. Miss a few classes? Don’t be surprised if a team member reaches out to you. 

In order to further our goal of fostering a great community, we include partner WODs, host events and have themed workouts. We also have an athlete lounge, so you have a comfortable place to mingle before and after class.


We program our WODs on a weekly basis so each WOD complements the other.

There is no perfect workout regimen and CrossFit is no exception. One of the problems we have noticed is disjointed programming. Some Affiliates use multiple coaches to prepare the WODs, or borrow WODs from others without fully considering the needs, abilities and goals of their athletes.

The best case scenario is that athletes do not see adequate fullbody gains from their hard work and dedication. Worst case scenario, certain muscle groups are overworked and injury results.

We avoid both scenarios, because Griffin creates our WODs on a weekly basis. This ensures that each WOD complements the other. More specifically, our WODs give each muscle group adequate attention without overworking any individual muscle group. Our ultimate goal is to give our athletes a safe and beneficial workout and we achieve that with thoughtful programming.


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