What’s in our CrossFit Aesthetics’ Coaches’ Gym Bags Part 2: Coach Griffin

We caught our Coaches and asked them to share it all. Continue reading to learn what’s inside Coach Griffin’s gym bag. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for what to bring to your next CrossFit class.

  1. Shaker Bottle: Griffin always has a shaker bottle on hand for pre-workout and aminos.
  2. Cough Drops: Working out in cold weather can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable, so Griffin likes to use cough drops to soothe his throat.
  3. Gum: Throughout the day Griffin is always talking to clients and potential clients, so he likes to make sure his breath is fresh.
  4. Headphones: Anyone who knows Griffin knows that there is never a quiet moment around him, because he loves music. He keeps a pair of headphones for runs and his daily cardio routine.
  5. Eucerin Original Healing: Training is hard on your hands, so Griffin uses this cream to keep his hands moisturized and to prevent tearing and treat the tears he does get.
  6. CrossFit Shoes: Griffin uses his CrossFit shoes during his mobility work and WODs. They are great for high intensity workouts.
  7. Weightlifting Shoes: Griffin always makes sure to wear weightlifting shoes when doing heavy lifts.
  8. Deadlift Straps: Griffin gave these a try and was not a fan of them. If gripping the bar is difficult, he recommends using the switch grip position instead.  
  9. Jump Rope: Not all speed ropes are the same, so he makes sure he has his own set to his specifications.
  10. Knee Sleeves: Griffin doesn’t use these often, but finds that they are helpful when doing heavy squats or high rep squats.
  11. Wrist Wraps: Griffin uses two different kinds of wrist wraps. A simple velcro pair for WODing and a more heavy duty pair for Olympic Lifts. Weightlifting Belts: He also uses two different weightlifting belts. His heavy duty belt is great for heavy lifting, but is not ideal for WODing. Taking it on and off is cumbersome and the latching mechanism is delicate, so he uses a simpler belt for WODing.
  12. Journal: Griffin uses Wodify to log is Personal Records (PRs), but uses good old fashioned pen and paper for logging his workouts.
  13. Resistance Band: Mobility is extremely important to Griffin. He uses this band to work on his hip flexibility.
  14. PVC Pipe: Griffin makes it a habit to roll out before his workouts and even on his rest days. He prefers the stiffness of the PVC pipe to the form roller. He finds form rollers ineffective because they are too soft.
  15. Lacrosse Ball: Lacrosse balls are great for mobility in that they can target specific muscles to relieve soreness and tightness. Griffin rolls the ball directly on the desired area or puts it between him and the wall/floor and rolls on it.
  16. Peanut: Similar to the lacrosse ball, Griffin use the peanut to target his lower back. This is especially important for pre and post deadlifting.

Well there you have it, one expert’s tried and true go to gym essentials. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Coach Rayna’s bag in our previous post.


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