What’s in our CrossFit Aesthetics’ Coaches’ Gym Bags Part 1: Coach Rayna

We caught our Coaches and asked them to share it all. Continue reading to learn what’s inside Coach Rayna’s gym bag. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for what to bring to your next CrossFit class.

  1. Weightlifting shoes: “I love my Inov-8 weightlifting shoes. Besides the fact that they really benefit my performance during heavy lifts, they are Pink!”
  2. CrossFit Shoes (not pictured): “I keep a pair of Nike Metcons in my bag specifically for WODing. These are great for running, jumping, lifting and anything else the WOD throws at me.”
  3. Hair Ties: “Hair in the way or down on hot days is a serious pain. So I always make sure to have some of these dollar store beauties in my bag for myself and clients.”
  4. Off Bug Spray: “When it cools off, the mosquitos can be brutal, especially if you’re sweating, so I make sure to keep a can at all times.”
  5. Sunblock: “This is a Texas summer requirement. Whether I’m running or Coaching in the sun a good spray is a must. SPF 100 might be overhill, but I haven’t gotten sunburned all year.”
  6. Sunglass: “Just like the sunblock, these are a summertime must have. I keep a free pair I got from an event in my bag, so I don’t have to worry about breaking them or losing them. I just toss them back in the bag once I’m done.”
  7. Wrist wraps: “These are the 1 item I recommend pretty much everyone invest in. They really help relieve some of the stress of front rack and overhead movements.”
  8. Knee sleeves: “I experience knee pain from time to time and these can be a life saver, especially in the colder months. I don’t recommend them for everyday use, unless you experience knee pain. For everyone else, I think it’s best to just use them during heavy squats. I love the Workt brand, because their special material really does hold up well to sweat (no stink) and they wash great.”
  9. Weightlifting belt: “This guy helps a ton on heavy squats and overhead movements. I highly recommend weightlifting belts to all my clients.”
  10. Water bottle: “We provide a water here, but disposable cups are environmentally unfriendly and make a mess of the place, so we don’t provide those. So I make sure I have a refillable water bottle at all times.”
  11. Yoga Mat and Towel: “Whether I’m practicing solo or leading the class through an intense warm-up I like to use my mat. In the summer a towel is a must to avoid slipping and sliding.”

Well there you have it, one expert’s tried and true go to gym essentials. Be sure to check out Coach Griffin’s bag in our next post.


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